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NBIA Corporate Support - Retrophin


We are pleased to recognize Retrophin, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of drugs for the treatment of catastrophic diseases, based in New York, NY, for their ongoing support of the NBIA Disorders Association.

For the second year, Retrophin is supporting our Together for Tomorrow Action Initiative with a very generous $35,000 matching gift. We have until February 28th to take advantage of this opportunity to double the impact of donations. Last year their gift of $25,000 was instrumental to the success of the campaign.

The company will also once again be a major sponsor of our 2015 International Family Conference that will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They also supported our 2013 conference in San Antonio, Texas.

In addition to the corporate office, Retrophin employees have also raised funds for the organization. Many employees supported our campaign in 2014 directly through our FirstGiving platform. One of these employees was Dr. Horacio Plotkin, chief medical officer at Retrophin. Dr. Plotkin won a guitar in a drawing held by Mike Cohn, NBIA Volunteer Director of Adult Programs and active fundraiser for the organization. The Jacob Martin Band donated the guitar, signed by over two dozen country music artists, to the organization. Dr. Plotkin says he plans to use the guitar to raise awareness for NBIA by displaying it at the company’s New York City office.

To date, Retrophin employees have raised more than $5,000 for NBIA. Combined with the company’s matching gift for the past two years and 2013 and 2015 conference sponsorships, the total amount has climbed to over $105,000 in just three years.

The NBIA Disorders Association is extremely grateful to Retrophin and its employees for their continued support, kindness and generosity.

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