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Allison Gregory, winner of the Research Support Award

May 27, 2014

The Women in Academic Medicine Committee at Oregon Health & Science University is very pleased to announce that Allison Gregory is this year’s winner of the Research Support Award.

This award is given to a woman in medicine who is in a position of support for a major researcher at OHSU. This award can be given to a woman researcher at OHSU who is at any stage of her career but has dedicated at least 5 years in a supportive role and is being recognized for her talent and tenacity in research. Gregory was nominated by Drs. Hayflick and Hogarth, along with NBIA Disorders Association President, Patricia Wood.

Allison Gregory works as a research instructor in the Department of Molecular and medical genetics. She is part of a team of basic and clinical researchers studying a group of rare inherited disorders collectively known as “neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation” (NBIA). As a genetic counselor, Allison is typically the first point of contact for families with a new diagnosis of NBIA. Her meticulous management in the collection and organization of clinical data and samples has led to the development of the largest international registry of patient data and repository of NBIA bio-specimens. This has played a key role in the group’s identification of five of the seven NBIA genes. Allison exemplifies the OHSU mission in research and is known worldwide in the NBIA community for her knowledge and advocacy.


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