Robberecht, Stijn

November 16, 1993 - January 29, 2006

Stijn RobberechtAartselaar, Belgium

Hi Stijn,

‘Mama’ is here and I’ll stay for the whole day with you.
Saying these words to you I entered your room for eight weeks.

I have to let you go now, but as I told you,
“Go now Stijn, you’ll be forever in my heart.”

Stin, you have taught me what profound pleasure means,
You have taught me so much.
But what I will miss most are your arms around my shoulders
And those words only you could say with such sincerity,
Those words deep from your heart,
“’Mama’ you are so sweet.”

Thanks Stijn.
Have a nice trip,
And remember, Stijn, in my heart,
I am traveling with you.

- Mama


Can someone tell me what happiness is?
Can someone tell me what pain is?
Can someone tell me what loving is?
Can someone tell me what suffering is?
Yes, Stijn can.

Stijn can tell what happiness is,
His smile, his life, simply his charisma.
Stijn can tell what pain is,
Real pain, not a scratch, but enduring pain.
Stijn can tell what loving is,
Showing every day again I love you.

Stijn can tell you what suffering is,
His last three months, those were suffering.

All this, and so much more, made him an exceptional kid, one of a kind.
His smile every day, a real kid.

Stijn, I’ll never forget you.
Thanks to you, I started believing.
Now I know there is something up there.
One day, I’ll come join you
And we’ll be one again.

- Your brother Michiel



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