van Schijndel, Wendy

November 26, 1981 - August 17, 2009

Wendy van SchijndelGermert, The Netherlands

You can rest now,
You've fought your fight,
You've done it bravely.
Who can understand how you've suffered,
Who can feel what you've endured?
You can rest now.

With these words we want to indicate how difficult the last years of Wendy's life have been. She was a happy, sweet child, and although she became ill at a young age, she still could enjoy even the smallest things in life.

Wendy was a little girl with great courage. She was never frightened. She had to adapt to an ever-changing situation. But none of that took away her sense of humor.

Now she has left all of that behind. Her sister Cristel wrote:

Never more walking together outside,
To hear how the birds whistle.
Also no longer going together to the city,
where I've had so much fun with you.

Wendy loved to tease others and also didn't mind being teased. Mostly, she loved being pampered. She enjoyed having attention showered upon her. To tease and get pampered, perhaps that's the reason elephants became her most darling animals.

We gladly would have given you even more attention. Now we will do that in our memories. Thanks for all the joy you gave us. Mum and Dad

You were a lovely sister with incredible willpower;
know that you will always be in my heart. Cristel

Wendy, you were a great sister to us. You showed us what fighting and enjoying is. We would have gladly gone on pampering you and giving you our love. The only thing we have now are the beautiful memories, which we will forever carry in our hearts.

- Jurgen and Maayke



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