Ólafsdóttir, Eva Dögg

September 19, 1990 – February 20, 2014

Eva Dögg Ólafsdóttir When Eva was born in September 1990, it was like the whole world got brighter. When she smiled, which was often, it felt like the sun was knocking softly on the window. But these last few days all of us who knew her have been shrouded in darkness. Even the sky seems to be gray in the sunshine.

Eva passed away in her sleep on Feb. 20. We know the grief will slowly fade--not because we stop mourning or thinking about her, but because, bit-by-bit, the joy will take over. It is the joy of having known her, the joy of all the beautiful memories we will always cherish. During her short life, she suffered more pain than most of us will ever know, but her serenity and her smile was there until the end.

A few hours after Eva died, her closest relatives and friends gathered at her bedside. Some were crying, and some of us might have been a little angry at the higher powers. The priest came, we all joined hands, and the circle closed with Eva‘s mother holding her hand and the priest putting his hand on Eva´s forehead. This moment convinced me that no soul has ever been accompanied by more positive thoughts.

I know that Eva, where ever she is, is now running and singing her favorite tunes. She is eternally surrounded by love and affection, like she was all her life.

- With love from your parents and grandparents,

  Harpa Dís Harðardóttir, mother
  Ólafur F. Leifsson, father
  Hugrún Skarphéðinsdóttir, grandmother
  Hörður Björgvinsson, grandfather



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